4 tlg. SET Engelsflügel Anhänger inkl. Käfig, Klangkugel Harmony metallic lila & Kette im Etui

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4 tlg. SET Engelsflügel Anhänger inkl. Käfig,
Klangkugel metallic lila & Kette


inkl. Kette

Gesamtlänge Kette: 

75 cm

Größe verstellbar

Käfig Anhänger:

Größe Käfig/ f. Kugel: 2 cm
Länge mit Öse: 2,8 cm
Klangkugel  ( Innen ): 1,6 cm
Länge Flügel mit Öse: 3,8 cm
Breite Flügel: 1,4 cm

Der bezaubernde Käfig kann geöffnet werden, im Inneren befindet sich
 eine kleine Klang Kugel.

Ein toller auffälliger Anhänger mit Glücksgarantie.


Mit 925 Sterling Silber versilberter
 Klangkugel Käfig, Kette & Flügel
Nickel frei


Gender: Female
Color: violett metallic purple silver violett
Style: romantic elegant playful opulent
Stone: No Stone
Kettenart: Ankerkettengliederung
Verschlussart: Karabinerverschluss
Durchmesser Klangkugel: 16
Eigenschaften Klangkugel: wechselbar
Set-Typ: Set
Farbe: lila
Durchmesser Anhänger: 20
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Color meanings:

Red - color of the fire.
It attracts attention, represents vitality and energy, love and passion.

Orange - is the color of the setting sun.
It is the symbol color for optimism and joy of life. It signals open-mindedness, sociability and youthfulness, health and self-confidence.

Yellow - is the color of the sun.
It conveys light, serenity and joy. It also represents knowledge, wisdom, reason and logic.

Green- is the color of meadows and forests.
It is a soothing color. It represents generosity, security, harmony, hope, renewal of life.

Cyan - colloquially also called turquoise / sky blue, is a fresh color.
It is the color of the sea on a sunny day. It conveys alertness, awareness, clarity, mental openness and freedom.

Blue - is a cool color. It is the color of the sky.
It represents tranquility, trust, dutifulness, beauty, longing.

Purple / violet / lilac - is a dignified color.
It is the color of inspiration, mysticism, magic and art. It is an extraordinary, extravagant color, which is also associated with piety, penance and sacrifice.

Magenta, also called pink in the field of fashion - is generally a soft color.
In nature we experience it mainly as the color of flowers. It stands for idealism, gratitude, commitment, order and compassion.

White - is the color of ice and snow.
It is a symbol of purity, clarity, majesty and innocence.

Gray - is the color of the cloudy sky on a gloomy day.
It is the color of perfect neutrality, caution, restraint and compromise.

Black - is the color of darkness or lightlessness.
It expresses sadness, inscrutability, immutability and the fearful and mysterious.

Pink - is tender sweetness.
It stands for romance, gentleness, sensitivity, restraint, but also the longing for protection.

Brown / bronze - is the color of the earth.
It expresses the longing for security and is discreet and not intrusive

Gold / rose gold - is distinguished and noble.
Gold represents wisdom, clarity and inspiration. Gold embodies wealth, sun and power.

Silver - the color of the changing moon.
Silver symbolizes flowing feelings, solidity and prosperity. Silver harmonizes and has a purifying effect.

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