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Engagement Rings for every taste

Marriage is back in fashion. More and more people are getting involved in the preparations for the festival of love. But before getting married together, one of the partners has to do something - namely, propose to the other. The mutual promise of marriage (also: engagement or betrothal) is symbolized by a ring, which is usually set with a diamond. These ladies' rings, which are presented especially for the proposal of marriage, are called engagement ring. We support you in this important step in your life with a range of high-quality engagement rings. For every taste you will find the right ring or rings. With an engagement ring from our company you will conquer the heart of your future wife or husband for good! There is hardly anything greater in life than your own wedding. The demands on an engagement ring are correspondingly high.

More than just a piece of jewelry

Hardly any other piece of jewellery is selected with more care than the engagement ring. Traditionally, the husband of his chosen one presents it to her when he proposes marriage. Yet engagement rings are much more than just a gift - they symbolize the promise of eternal love and loyalty. Unlike the wedding ring, they are usually worn only by the woman. Engagement rings have a long tradition: Already in ancient times and in the Middle Ages they were presented to the future wife; back then they served as a visible sign for the handing over of the dowry. The engagement ring symbolizes the promise to enter into marriage with the beloved partner. It is worn on the ring finger of the left hand and indicates to friends, family and acquaintances the intention to marry. In the past it was customary for the man - if he was a Christian - to buy two proposal rings, give one of them to his loved ones as a gift and wear the other one himself. In recent decades, the Anglo-Saxon variant has also gained acceptance here in Europe, in which only the woman receives an engagement ring as a gift and wears it on the ring finger of her left hand. The rituals of proposal and gift-giving include the man buying the ring secretly and giving it as a surprise to his partner on a romantic date of love. Nowadays the engagement ring expresses the love and affection that the partners feel for each other - the circular shape of the ring stands for the infinity of feelings. Since the materials also reflect the immortality of love, engagement rings are usually made of gold and carry a diamond as a gemstone, the hardest and most resistant, almost indestructible precious stone. A engagement ring expresses what many couples desire: To spend their lives together. And this is the most romantic message you can wish for.

Engagement rings from plain to fancy

We attach great importance to high-quality workmanship and individual designs. Tastes are different, which is why you don't have to limit the large selection of different designs in your imagination. There are engagement rings with and without stones, in every suitable price range and for every generation.