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Sound balls - soft sound, big effect

The soft sound of the sound balls is so discreet that it certainly doesn't disturb the wearer and her environment and yet it has a very special effect. The soft, crystal-clear blade makes your personal guardian angels aware of you and always keep their watchful eye and protective hand over you. In addition - so an ancient Indian tradition - the gentle tones of the sound ball ensure the relaxation of the jewellery wearer. Pregnant women have even tied sound balls around their pregnant belly, as the soft sound waves are supposed to have a positive effect on early childhood development.

Do you believe in guardian angels?

With the high quality handcrafted pieces of jewelry, you may even be able to call them. The harmonious sound in the sound spheres should call your personal guardian angel to your side to protect you. You can choose between colours and sizes and create your own individual piece of jewellery. The magical history of the sound ball (also called fairy caller or angel bell) goes back to the early Middle Ages. According to this, a quarrel once broke out between the beings of light and the beings of darkness. Angels descended to protect the beings of light and expelled evil. As a reward for their help, the Light Beings played on their fine silver bells. The angels were enchanted by the bewitching sound of the melodies. They promised to appear again for all eternity as soon as they heard one of the bells to assist the caller. The sound balls stand for the connection of humans to their guardian angels. Sometimes it is also the partner, a good friend or simply a loved one who assists you, who is a very personal guardian angel. Whoever wears a sound ball knows that there is still someone there. Whoever gives it away says that it is always there when it is needed. Angel callers lend strength and the certainty that one is never alone in life.

Charming cages

But one should also emphasize the high-quality handwork with which the different angel bells are produced. Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of these enchanting pieces of jewellery. Different materials are used for the production of the angel bells. Stainless steel or 925 sterling silver are the most used materials. Sometimes the so-called cage is gold plated, but sometimes fine rose gold is used for the cage of the ball. This cage is decorated with many motives, snake lines, grids or foliage motives are only some, which one can call here. Then there are also angel bells, which are decorated with the wings of the guardian angels or even have a whole angel. All works are very finely and cleanly worked, so that it is already a joy to look at the small pieces of jewellery.