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Silver bracelets - classic and modern at the same time

Silver is one of the metals that has been used for jewellery for thousands of years. A bracelet is an open or closed ring and is usually made of one piece. Especially silver bracelets have been part of traditional jewellery for many peoples of antiquity and are still very popular today. The word "bracelet" is derived from the word Armilla. This is a piece of jewellery that was awarded to soldiers in ancient Rome as a kind of tribute to special services. But these jewels did not only play a special role in Roman history. Also in many other cultures, as for example with the Egyptians, the arm decoration took a high value. Just think of the beautiful Cleopatra, who was able to emphasize her appearance with her arm decoration. By perfecting the processing of precious metals in the past centuries, silver bracelets are available in numerous different designs that meet almost every individual taste. Bracelets made of 925 silver also offer the advantage that they can be combined with a variety of fashion styles.

From casual to elegant - silver bracelets can be combined in many ways

Smoothly polished and wide models alternate with narrow pieces with ornaments and patterns that give them a particularly modern look, silver chain-shaped bracelets - sometimes slender and sometimes with pendants. Our bracelet designs are as diverse as the women who wear them. A modern or classic bracelet complements a fashionable clothing style and makes the wrist an eye-catcher. The silver bracelets can be combined with other silver jewellery. Furthermore, they can be combined with any kind of jewellery and precious stones. Not only you yourself can wear the silver bracelets, they also look good as a gift. For a birthday, anniversary or just to make someone happy. As multifaceted as our pieces of jewellery are, they all have one thing in common silver bracelets: they convince through high quality and excellent workmanship.

The perfect arm decoration for every type and every occasion

What you wear and when for which occasion is of course up to your individual taste. The great thing about our bangles is that they fit wonderfully into every style. A silver bracelet can enhance your casual jeans and T-shirt look as well as your cocktail outfit in the evening. In summer the bracelet can sparkle on your skin in style. In the cold winter days the jewellery wanders over the sleeve of your sweater or blouse, where it will shine as a highlight. For even more individuality, an engraving on which you can have the name of your children, your partner, a special date, your favourite saying or your motto perpetuated. Our aim is not only to meet the tastes of our customers with our diverse arm jewellery, but also to meet their high demands in terms of quality. With our engraving service we also fulfil individual and unusual wishes. Contemporary and stylish jewellery is always a delight for the eyes. Show taste and envelop yourself in timeless, simple elegance.