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precious gold jewellery

In our assortment you will find carefully selected gold jewellery. We pay attention to the latest trends and unusual pieces of jewellery. We have gold jewellery for every situation and every age group. You can buy our jewellery with peace of mind, because our jewellery is nickel-free. We have gold jewellery in different colours and combinations with precious stones.

The numbers on gold jewellery

Gold jewelry is named differently, but the names often caused confusion. We give you a small overview. Carat refers to the proportion of fine gold in gold jewellery. Gold is processed together with silver or copper. Theoretically, 24 carats correspond to 100% gold. Technically, however, there is always a certain impurity, so fine gold is indicated as 99.9%, also known as 999 gold. With 750 stamped gold jewellery the designation 18 K with stamp 585 is gold jewellery the 14 K corresponds.

Real and solid gold jewellery

Real jewellery is plated gold jewellery with a core of copper or silver. As solid jewelry is jewelry that consists of gold and another alloy throughout. In the case of plated gold jewellery, the carat information refers only to the plating.

Coloured variety of gold jewellery

Gold is available in different colours. These colours result from the metals added to gold. Rose gold is a mixture of gold, copper and silver, whereby the proportion of copper is higher than that of silver. White gold is an alloy with palladium, which results in this high-gloss finish similar to silver. Because palladium is very expensive, white gold is usually more expensive with the same fineness than yellow gold. Yellow gold is the most popular colour variant and very similar in colour to fine gold. The yellowish finish results from the fact that copper and silver are mixed in almost equal proportions.