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Never too old for a friendship chain

A loving and expressive piece of jewellery! With a chain of friendship you can show your love to your best friend or partner. A perfect gift for yourself and the person or persons receiving the other pieces. For a long time now, friendship pendants have not only been reserved for children and young people. This childhood jewellery has grown up and has also found its place in adult wardrobes. Normal people and celebrities, men and women; they all wear friendship chains to show that they love or care about someone. And once you have received your friendship chain, you probably want to wear it every day. Nowadays there are friendship chains in all colours and styles. From silver to gold, from colourful to minimalist, from two to three or even four pieces. There is something for every taste. You might ask yourself "Am I too old for a friendship necklace?" No - you certainly are not. Friendship necklaces have been discovered by Generation X. The fact that this generation is now around 40 years old does not mean that we should give up these necklaces with this beautiful thought. So read on to discover how you can wear your friendship necklace in your adult life.

Hurray for friendship!

There doesn't always have to be a big occasion to give a gift to good friends, sometimes you just want to say "Thank you! For this purpose we have put together a loving selection of beautiful friendship chains for you. To make someone happy, it is important to think about choosing the gift with love and to give it from the heart. Let yourself be inspired and find wonderful gifts for your friends. Celebrate with us! Every year on July 30th the most important holiday for real friends takes place: The International Day of Friendship! But it is not only on this day that we have to thank our friends, because they are always there for us, offering us a shoulder to lean on, making the night a day or laughing with us! Give your best friend a chain of friendship for this great occasion! You have known each other for a long time, are close friends or partners and would like to express this with a very special piece of jewellery? What could be better than friendship chains? They are the modern and glamorous addition to the friendship bracelet, which we liked to make ourselves when we were children. With a friendship necklace you emphasize your bond for eternity and wear a piece of jewelry that becomes unique through personal engraving. A special clou, which results in a perfect connection of two pendants, is the friendship chain, which combines both parts to one. Here you simply choose a pendant in your favourite shape and give the other half to a loved one. If you like it romantic, your taste may tend towards hearts and other symbols that indicate your relationship. More mystical are amulets and pendants, which may not be clear when viewed individually, but when combined they complete the picture. A secure hold of the friendship chains on the neck is provided by stainless steel or textile bands, which are closed by a lobster clasp or knot.

Accessory for work

A beautiful and tasteful friendship necklace is the perfect accessory that will go with almost any dress code. Combine it with a blouse or do a little business with a blazer. The best part? With us you can personalize your friendship chain with your own engraving. You want to have a name engraved? A date? A specific letter? Do you want the pendant with or without a zirconia stone? Everything is possible. Just choose the friendship chain you want.