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Gothic - black clothes, black music ... black jewelry?

Gothic Jewelry is the jewelry of the gothic scene. The gothic scene, in Germany also called the "black scene", was created at the end of the 1970s in the early 1980s as a result of the punk movement. While the Punks were still loud and aggressive, the Post Punk with bands like Joy Division already showed a retreat into their own inwardness. Initially referred to as New Romantics, the followers of the scene increasingly dressed more shrill, with styling, clothing and jewellery referring to the early 19th century. The protagonists looked like the characters from the Gothic Novels popular at that time, a comparison that ultimately led to the name for the scene: Gothic. In German-speaking countries, thanks to the often macabre appearance, the less flattering term "Gruftis" became established, an expression, however, always used only by outsiders, never by the scene itself. On the outside, the love for black and the tendency towards unusual to eccentric styling combined and unites. Jewellery has always played an important role, from amulets with mystical symbols to eye-catching earrings and broad, richly decorated bracelets to the omnipresent cross, which in the Gothic environment did not stand as a Christian symbol but rather for the finiteness of life. Not to forget the skull, which is worn in countless variations as a ring, earring or pendant. The predominant colour in Gothic jewellery is silver, often in combination with coloured stones, whereby blood red and muted colours are used.

Gothic jewellery - a mixture from dark to mystic

At the very beginning, many pieces of jewellery from Grandma's box found their way to the hands, neck and ears of the Gothics. Where no heirlooms were available, many gothics became active themselves and made their own jewellery. As always, everything that was somehow dark and morbid was the focus of interest: bones, crosses, skulls. Meanwhile, the "typical" motifs of gothic jewellery no longer exist; the spectrum has expanded enormously. Fantasy with dragons and elves, esotericism with Ankh cross and pentagram, old cultures like Celts, Vikings and Teutons with Celtic knots, Thor Hammer or rune amulets have left their traces. Especially in recent years the Gothic has received many impulses from the medieval scene, which is also reflected in the jewelry.

With the right jewellery your outfit gets its dramatic look

A black outfit without the matching Gothic jewellery is simply not possible. Here you will find the ideal Gothic jewellery for every kind of Dark Wear. Whether necklaces and collars, bracelets or rings there is surely something to round off your Gothic outfit. Just have a look around. The black scene can be very varied. No matter if you want creepy, sexy or rather romantic clothes, here in this corner you will find exactly the gothic jewellery that rounds off each of these outfit variations. Your big appearance at the next concert or the next great Gothic Party is safe with it. Admiring looks are guaranteed, even if the new Gothic jewellery fits perfectly to the rest of the outfit!