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A gift for every occasion

No matter whether at Christmas, Easter, for birthdays, anniversaries or simply for in between - a question almost always arises: What shall I give him? Very often the choice falls on jewellery. It is available in all price ranges, you will find jewellery for every taste and the offer is bigger than ever. For those still undecided about buying gifts, Charms & Beads are a great recommendation. You the perfect gift idea for mom, girlfriend and all other jewelry lovers.

Charms & Beads for everyone

For everyone there are the suitable charms & beads. You know someone who already wears a charm bracelet and/or collects the small pendants? Then this is an excellent opportunity to give them another charm or bead. Motifs that you can associate with the person you want to give a present to are particularly suitable. Does she love shoes and fashion above all else? Then a small sweet charm in the form of a high heel is just the right thing. Or you want to give your partner a little pleasure? Then you or him simply give Charms in the form of the first letters of your first names. This gift is individual and does not torment your wallet too much. Beads are also available in cute motifs, so there is something for everyone. Would you like to give a gift to a person who loves jewellery but does not yet own a charm bracelet? Then is the opportunity to make a gift for long pleasure. Just choose a nice bracelet for beads or charms and equip it with the first Bead or Charm. In our shop you will find beautiful charms & beads in great motifs: simple, playful, romantic, elegant, extraordinary or noble. There are no limits to your creativity.

What is the difference between Charms & Beads?

Charms & Beads are small pendants that are attached to bracelets or necklaces. There is, however, a big difference between the two. While a Charm is attached to the chain or the bracelet with a small carabiner, a Bead is a kind of pearl that is threaded onto a bead bracelet and you can create a very individual bracelet. Beads are available in a wide variety of shapes, materials and colours. As basic elements for charms and beads there are different chains and bracelets. Since the small charms are attached with a carabiner, you could also attach the charms to any bracelet. However, there are also special charms bracelets. But what is a begging bracelet? A charm bracelet is a bracelet with chain links that is worn on the wrist and is used to hang up small pendants. The hanging symbols can have different meanings, whether as a testimony of love, lucky charm, sign of faith or general symbols, for example heart, shamrock, chimney sweep, key. If you want to collect the charms and love it when bracelets jingle and rustle, then you can fall back on bracelets with many links. There are no limits to the number of charms and you can combine wildly and courageously. With Beads it is important that the bracelet or necklace has a continuous material, because the beads are threaded like beads. Here, too, there are special bracelets and chains that make it very easy for you to put together your bead bead bracelets.