Gold Earrings

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With gold earrings always in focus

Women love to enhance their outfits with matching jewellery to give even more expression to their personal style. Of course, earrings should not be missing when choosing the right accessories. Because with earrings of all kinds you can set skilful accents that underline the personality and flatter the wearer. Timeless and classic Gold-earrings comes along. Find the right design for you and become the eye-catcher of every event. Gold is one of the most popular precious metals in the jewellery sector and impresses with its precious shine. Thanks to the diverse designs, there is something for every taste: whether elegant, playful or glamorous. Many of the gold earrings are also adorned with jewelry and precious stones. The earring is a popular piece of jewellery. Earrings, especially gold earrings, are also very suitable as a gift for the lords of creation. The earring made of gold usually still with a fine diamond are the classic gift for the lady of the heart.

Golden earrings for a radiant appearance

No jewelry brings out the face as beautifully as golden earrings. He frames it and makes the eyes shine. Whether earclips, ear studs or creoles, for millennia gold earrings women and men fascinated. Whether coordinated with necklace and bracelet or worn solo, ear jewellery is and remains an integral part of the jewellery world. Nowadays, ear holes are almost a matter of course not only for ladies but also for fashion-conscious men - and should be filled with high-quality ear jewellery that perfectly underlines the individual personality of its wearer and of course should also match the respective look and occasion. Elegant, classic and discreet at the same time: ear studs are equally popular with women of all ages. And for good reason. The small ear jewellery fits almost every clothing and every occasion. Discreet gold models can be worn with a red evening dress or chiffon dress. Their sparkling shine gives your outfit an extra portion of femininity. Ear studs or other accessories are also ideal to round off your leisure locomotive. Many brands decorate their earrings with elaborate applications such as pearls or rhinestones. This variant transforms simple T-shirts or tops into a stylish appearance in no time at all. Add a touch of glamour to your clothing style with high-quality and chic gold earrings that skilfully perfect your overall picture and frame your face advantageously.

The Creole - the sensual, golden earrings

In European culture, Creoles have been worn by both women and men for centuries - by women mostly on both sides, by men on one side. Of course, not all men wore these earrings - they were particularly fashionable among the nobility, the military and seamen. With the latter, they also fulfilled a recognition function with engraved names and secured a Christian burial with their value when a sailor had an accident abroad. Today Creoles are mainly bought by women, because this form of ear jewellery looks particularly feminine. Simple creoles with a narrow ring shape usually have a larger radius, and the sweeping circular shape emphasizes the feminine facial features. They also work on long hair that covers the ears. Torus-shaped earrings with a small radius are often richly decorated. They effectively adorn the earlobes of short hairstyles. Full-ring creoles usually have a snap closure with a narrow bridge that fits through the ear hole.