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Key fobs are primarily used for decoration

The key fob is an object that accompanies us daily in life. Its purpose is to prevent the key from getting lost so quickly. With a key fob the different keys can also be separated, because one would like to have the car key, or the office key mostly on a separate key ring. In addition, you will find a key with a pendant in your pocket faster. key fobs are not only practical, but can also set visually creative and individual accents. In our shop you will find simple as well as unusual and exclusive models of this functional accessory. Key fobs with a snap hook, which can be attached to the waistband with just one movement, are especially popular with men. Women, on the other hand, frequently rely on models with floral, colourful motifs or animal elements. A key fob, can be purchased with almost all, most different motives. Some people also collect key fobs with great pleasure and can pursue this passion throughout their lives, as it is impossible to have one of every model in the large selection. The key rings are also very suitable as a souvenir, or as a gift. There are key fobs made of almost every material, shape and colour imaginable. Key fobs are also available for occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other festivities. A key fob gives it for all situations and events, as well as in all price ranges and is thus the suitable gift idea, not only for private people, but also often for companies, which leave a lasting impression by such a gift with coworkers and business partners.

Key rings

In addition to classic, round key rings, we also offer a range of metal key rings in unusual shapes, which are guaranteed to be a highlight on your key ring. Be your dad an apple lover or your mum a gifted gardener, with our key fob individuality comes into the key ring of the recipient. The silver colour of the steel key rings forms the shiny finish of an individual gift that will surely put a smile on the recipient's lips.