Silver Jewelry

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Silver jewellery very trendy!

Gold jewellery has played the leading role in accessories in recent years. Nevertheless, silver jewellery cannot be avoided. This precious metal has been used for centuries to make jewellery and always looks stylish and modern. Silver jewellery also offers endless combinations with clothing and other accessories. It is absolutely suitable for everyday use and a real eye-catcher even on special occasions.

How to wear silver jewellery?

There are so many possibilities where silver jewellery is worn, many use it to combine with their outfit and set accents. Often several silver chains are worn on top of each other to achieve a great effect. Or matching jewelry sets of silver chains, silver bracelets and silver earrings to create a rather simple outfit. Silver can also be combined well with precious stones. Others wear silver jewelry also for religious reasons or spiritual completely hidden under their clothes. No matter how you want to wear the jewellery with silver jewellery you have jewellery suitable for everyday use at affordable prices in many variations.

925 and sterling silver

It is commonly believed that sterling silver is not high quality or inferior silver. This is no way like this. Sterling Silver was only named after the British Pound Sterling. The stamped 925 for silver jewellery stands for 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper. In the past it was 75 parts nickel, but this led to allergic reactions in a large number of people. This is where the term "nickel-free" comes from for silver jewellery.