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Always right: Earrings as costume jewellery

You probably feel the same as most other women - you can never have enough earrings at hand. They can be the perfect addition to your leisure outfit as well as to your evening dress. In order for this to be possible, however, many variants are needed in order to have the right solution ready for the respective garments. This is why earrings are ideal as fashion jewellery. If a special occasion is coming up or a new season is dawning, you can order the desired solution in your home within a few minutes.

Unlimited variety

If you like jewellery that glitters and sparkles, earrings are the ideal costume jewellery. A high-quality alternative to diamonds is zirconia. This material is synthetically produced and guarantees the absolute glamour effect on the ears. Who likes it colorful, can buy for example ear jewelry with rhinestones and glass stones. Here fashion jewelry earrings have the advantage that they often weigh only two or three grams and do not become a burden even when worn for long periods.

Ear jewellery for men and women

Especially the earrings, stud earrings and creoles are no longer reserved for ladies only. For men there are a variety of earrings available and here it does not necessarily have to be the classic Creole in silver or stainless steel. There is always an occasion to visit our online shop. Be it the birthday of the woman or the wedding of the sister who still needs a pretty accessory for her wedding dress. Our costume jewellery also has a lot to offer for this occasion. Already many thousands of years ago people embellished themselves with various pieces of jewellery made of shells, snail shells or pearls. Today we like to decorate ourselves with other materials like silver or gold, but with many accessories we still get inspiration from nature. So many of our trend parts are equipped with pretty feathers or like our ancestors with shells or pearls. As diverse as nature and our customers are, so is our assortment: Whether earrings, bracelets, hair jewellery or striking necklaces - with us you will find the right jewellery for every occasion. An outfit only becomes perfect with the right jewellery like earrings. You can change the look from scratch: whether simple ear studs in clean chic, elegant pearls for a classic outfit or eye-catching chandelliers in the evening. Each piece of jewellery radiates its own charm and plays an important role in its charisma. The word "costume jewellery" originated in the 1920s, when Coco Chanel designed "fake" jewellery to match her collections. However, the lion's share of fashion jewellery was and is not made by fashion designers, but designed and manufactured in large factories. Fashion jewellery is serially produced jewellery made of simple materials in a contemporary design, which was and is affordable for a large number of people. The combination of different raw materials in different shapes, colours and various surface effects enables a very large variety of products.

Ring, necklace and pendant you can order directly

Can it be a bit more? Then why not order the matching accessories for your new ear jewellery? There are complete jewellery sets in which all components are matched to each other, but of course there are also many unique pieces that still harmonise perfectly with each other. You will quickly realise how much fun it is to put together your personal favourite jewellery collection.